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Payment frequency
3.0 yrs
  • Loan amount should be between 3,000 and 100,000

*Annual interest rates range from 12.70% to 28.50%. The calculator is only an indicative guide and is based on the interest rate selected. Your actual interest rate, repayments, and total payments will depend on your personal circumstances and optional products selected. To better understand the rate that will apply to you, please call 0800 462 277. Responsible lending and product suitability criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. For more information, please see Schedule of Fees.

Why we’re different

When you buy a drill, what you’re really trying to buy is a hole. When you apply for car finance, what you’re trying to do is make personal transport affordable.

Most finance companies will lend you the money, wait till you fall asleep, and sneak out the back door. That’s not us – we’re in it for the long haul, there for you in sickness and health.

That’s because organising personal transport doesn’t stop at the purchase price of the car. You’ve got to manage WOFs, Regos, Servicing, Repairs, Insurance, and you’ve even got to fill up with fuel! If the bills aren’t annoying enough, you’ve got to remember to pay them too, or risk a fine.

That’s why we don’t see ourselves as a finance company (despite our name). Instead, we’re a car ownership company with a simple goal: a complete ownership package that works for you, your car, and your budget.

As it turns out, we’re quite good at it. We’re NZ’s highest rated car financier on Google and Trustpilot, and in the last three years our registration programme has saved our clients over $100k* in fines alone!

You can learn more about our packages, or find out what our clients are saying.


In 2017 there were 235,000 rego fines issued – at $200 a pop that’s $47,000,000, or $11.60 per car per year. Based on this rate, over the last three years our maintenance programme has saved our customers around $104,000 in rego fines!

Our amazing team

Our amazing team

As Ludwig van Beethoven once said, “I will seize fate by throat. It shall never overcome me”. Behind our service sits a team of solutions focused people with the same commitment as Beethoven – a commitment to getting stuff done (although in this case it’s improving the way Kiwis manage their personal transport). We’re a tight-knit whanau, but Go Car is in growth mode. If you’re the carpe-diem-by-the-horns-with-your-sleeves-rolled-up type, we’d love to hear from you. Discover our careers opportunities.

Our Values

  • Care and respect

    We don’t judge. We treat people as individuals and with utmost respect. We listen, we empathise, we help.
  • Customers are at the heart of everything we do

    We deliver empowering innovative products designed around the customer’s needs.
  • Delivering with integrity

    We always do our best. We are responsible for our actions and not afraid to learn from our mistakes.
  • Growing together

    We grow great people who are always up for the challenge and look out for one another. We love to have fun together and celebrate our wins.

The Bigger Picture

Go Car is a Solvar Limited (ASX: SVR) company.

Solvar Limited currently operates under various brands in Australia, as well as Go Car Finance in New Zealand.


Offering flexible car finance and personal loan options to Australian consumers who are often excluded by traditional finance providers.

AFS (Automotive Financial Services)

Offering non-conforming to mid-prime car finance to Australian residents as well as business vehicle finance solutions.

Go Car Finance

Operating in New Zealand, offering complete car finance package solutions including WOFs, regos, servicing, repairs and insurance.