Movement is freedom. Let's get you behind the wheel.


We’re not your average car finance company (but we are a car finance company).

We’re specialists in getting you into the car you need - and making sure you stay in it. The way we do it? It’s more than our flexible finance - it’s our wraparound support packages that look after you, your finances, and your car. Once you’ve got your wheels, we’re by your side (and on your side) to make sure things stay on track. Scroll on to read about our amazing programmes!


We're an ethical lender with a 💖 


Every dog has their day. We help make that day today.

Alongside a competitive finance arrangement, we offer a range of programmes that help keep you behind the wheel when things take a turn. From waivers that help with payments when you can’t work to comprehensive maintenance plans, we help to make keeping your car safe and legal a walk in the park.

Check out our programmes below:

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We love to support our diverse community


Here's some organisations that we help to do some pretty cool stuff for the world!


Big Buddy works on the simple philosophy that fatherless boys develop more courage and confidence in their lives when they have a positive male role model to learn from. We've helped this amazing organisation get on the road by doing what we do best - getting them into a set of wheels!



The Reading Enrichment Programme (REP) is a well-established educational support initiative, strongly integrated into the learning programmes at One Tree Hill College and Otahuhu College.


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Afri-Lift is a registered society based in Nairobi. It was established to alleviate poverty by empowering young persons and their families to better their lives. This is made possible through education, child sponsorship programs, leadership development, emergency feeding and street rehabilitation programmes. The focus has been on working with young people living in slums to break the continuous cycle of poverty.