Car Loan Calculator

Car Loan Calculator

Our car loan calculator is a great place to start if you’re looking to buy a car. See what your car repayments could look like.

Calculate your car finance easily

See how much you could borrow! Try our calculator or give us a call on 0800 462 277

Payment frequency
3.0 yrs
  • Loan amount should be between 3,000 and 100,000

*Annual interest rates range from 12.70% to 28.50%. The calculator is only an indicative guide and is based on the interest rate selected. Your actual interest rate, repayments, and total payments will depend on your personal circumstances and optional products selected. To better understand the rate that will apply to you, please call 0800 462 277. Responsible lending and product suitability criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. An Establishment Fee of $218, Referral Fee of up to $495, Go Connect Device Fee of $430, Loan Management Fee of $6 (monthly), and Go Connect Device Connectivity Fee $11.50 (monthly) may apply. For more information, please see Schedule of Fees.

Why Go Car Finance?

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    Fast Pre-Approval

    We’re here to get you behind the wheel as fast as possible. Apply for car finance from the comfort of your home and track your application progress. Don’t worry- our online application form takes 2 minutes to fill out making it fast and easy to get your car.

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    Packages That Have It All

    Get your car and pick the perks you need from the one place. Applying for a car ownership package with us means you get your car finance, car insurance, WOF & Rego, and more sorted in one package, saving you the headache of extra costs.

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    100% Finance Options

    Buying a car for the first time or short on cash? We tailor each loan to suit the needs of our customers, provide flexible repayment options and have helped many customers buy a car with no deposit and low deposit finance.

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    Affordable Repayments

    We understand that taking out a car loan is an important decision and as responsible lenders, we work with you to tailor a car loan repayment plan that meets your budget comfortably.

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    Great Service

    Our highly-responsive customer service team are always on hand to help you structure the right car ownership packages.

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    We Do The Legwork

    Whether it’s breaking down your interest repayments or sorting out a loan term, we take the hard work out of car admin so you can focus on shopping for your new car.

We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis get the car they want.

Apply for car finance without the headache with our online application. Takes 2 minutes to fill out.

Got a question? Talk to our car loan experts.

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How it works

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    Use our car loan calculator to see how much you can borrow.

    Our car loan calculator shows you how much you can afford to borrow based on your loan amounts and what your regular repayments might look like. Just enter in how much you want to borrow and how long you would like the agreement to last to begin.

 To get an exact quote, you will need to get a car finance quote by filling out our application form.

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    Apply Online. Get Approved.

    Apply for car finance without the headache with our online application. Don’t worry- it takes 2 minutes to fill out. Got a question? Talk to our car loan experts.

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    Choose a car

    Choose your used or new car from any dealer, and we’ll make sure that your finance is good to go. We’ll also carry out any necessary checks to make sure you can buy your car with confidence.

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    Sign the paperwork and drive away with your car!

    It’s that easy. If you do get stuck along the way or need a hand with finding the right car or dealer, we have experts on hand who can help guide you through the car buying process.

We're here to help you get you behind the wheel. Fast.

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At Go Car Finance, we understand that applying for a car loan is no small deal. We help you work through the numbers to make sure your new car is right for you, and your loan fits comfortably within your lifestyle and budget.

Our team of experts will assess your situation to find the right lending structure and repayment options for your needs. You can trust us to take the hard work out of finding the right finance package for you – we’ll even help with maintenance and insurance for your new car.
As ethical and responsible lenders, we’re passionate about doing the right thing by you. All our car finance information is readily available to help you make the best decision for your new car:

Ready to get started?

Apply online for car finance. Takes 2 minutes.

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