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Payment frequency
3.0 yrs
  • Loan amount should be between 3,000 and 100,000

*Annual interest rates range from 12.70% to 28.50%. The calculator is only an indicative guide and is based on the interest rate selected. Your actual interest rate, repayments, and total payments will depend on your personal circumstances and optional products selected. To better understand the rate that will apply to you, please call 0800 462 277. Responsible lending and product suitability criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. An Establishment Fee of $218, Referral Fee of up to $495, Go Connect Device Fee of $430, Loan Management Fee of $6 (monthly), and Go Connect Device Connectivity Fee $11.50 (monthly) may apply. For more information, please see Schedule of Fees.

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Wof (warrant of fitness) and rego provided in car loan package nz

WOF & Rego

Car servicing included in car finance package nz


Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Go Car Finance Package

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Roadside Assistance Car Finance Package

Roadside Assistance

Apply for car finance flexi loan package nz


Health Waiver for car loan nz

Health Waiver

Car Finance work waiver to reduce car loan payments

Work Waiver

Car Insurance restart waiver peace of mind package

Restart Waiver