Supporting student success at One Tree Hill College

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​What is REP?

REP is a programme to develop young people’s confidence and academic ability, primarily by strengthening their reading skills.

While we often think of reading as simply decoding letters and words on the page (or screen), the real power comes from being able to understand and evaluate the ideas they express.

Not everyone has the same skills or opportunity to learn this early in life. REP is there to ensure that new students at One Tree Hill College get the support they need to flourish. The programme is focused on the three key areas of oral language, listening and reading.

The programme works by matching the current students with tutors who have overcome challenges themselves to succeed in life. As well as the skills they gain, students have shown that they develop greater confidence, motivation and self belief when collaborating with a mentor they look up to. As indicated in the name, REP is supported by the community organisation Rotary.

​How we help

From its initial focus on literacy, REP has grown to support the participating students more holistically in fulfilling their potential, and connecting with their community. In this sense, it’s a great match with Go Car Finance and our wraparound approach to customer care.

Having previously donated maintenance plan memberships for REP’s 2018 fundraising auction, we took it to the next level in 2019 by donating a vehicle as one of this year’s star auction items.

The funds raised helped to pay for the books and other resources needed for the programme to succeed.

​What’s next for REP?

REP’s reputation is spreading, and the programme has now been set up in six different colleges across the greater Auckland region.

Go Car Finance is truly proud of the results REP students have achieved so far, and we’re looking forward to supporting this exciting programme as it continues to grow. Watch this space as we follow their progress!