Slip slop slap, kick back and relax. Our programmes have you covered.


We’ve developed them to help keep things running smoothly, and to protect you if things go pear shaped. Have a read - we think you’ll like what you see!


First up, the Payment Waivers.

These are available to purchase when you first sign up for a loan, and help to cover your loan payments if life starts looking like a dog’s breakfast.


Work Waiver

If life puts you in a tough spot and you're involuntarily made redundant, the work waiver has you covered. It will temporarily reduce your loan payments while you look for work, so you've got one less worry to carry around.


Health Waiver

If you’re prevented from working by unforeseen sickness or hospitalisation, the Health Waiver can temporarily reduce your regular loan payment. This helps to cut down on stress while you’re trying to get back to feeling 100%!


Restart Waiver

If your vehicle is involved in an accident and written off, your insurance company will pay the value of the vehicle towards your remaining loan balance. Usually, the insurance pay-out is lower than the balance remaining on the loan. The Restart Waiver helps you to get back between the flags, covering the difference so you can start fresh.



Next, your car’s best friend - our additional products.

We can help set you up with these products, provided by external suppliers. Two are recommended, one is compulsory, and they're all there for peace of mind.


Comprehensive Insurance

No one wants to talk about insurance, so we'll keep it brief. Comprehensive insurance is a requirement for all of our loans - that means you're in default if you don't have it. The good news is we know a guy who knows a guy, so we can help you to get insurance at a really good rate. If you’ve got it through another company, that’s fine by us! We just need your most up-to-date certificate of insurance for our records.


Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

You can select a Mechanical Warranty, (AKA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) from an external provider, choosing up to 36 months of cover for peace of mind. Terms and conditions will differ with providers – get in touch to find out more.

MORP hero 2.png

My On Road Plan

Once you get your car, you’re going to need to keep it on the road - that’s what My On Road Plan is for! It’s an all-in-one vehicle maintenance package. It’ll sort out your WOF, registration and servicing.

You can get access to some other great services too, like Roadside Assistance and Safety Checks!


With all these amazing programmes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Contact us to talk it through!