Top 5 tips for a Kiwi summer road trip!

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It’s a bit of a tradition in Aotearoa to hit the road for a summer trip, whether it’s to the beach or to visit friends and whānau. So we’ve pulled together our favourite tips to make this year’s ride as smooth as possible.

​Click and collect your groceries

If you’re heading for a moderately sized Kiwi town, chances are they’ll have a supermarket from one of the big chains.

Rather than taking on the maze of a strange supermarket (which can add both time and grumbles to your shopping experience), consider a click-and-collect order before you set off. Check the website for pick-up times and order deadlines, and you’ll be cruising away with your holiday essentials in no time!

​Speed up your petrol stop

Whether you’ve got a new ride, a rental car or you just have a lot going on, knowing which side to fill your petrol tank from is crucial for fast pit stops.

Luckily, the answer to this is right in front of you. On the petrol gauge of most cars nowadays is a little arrow – this points to the side your petrol cap is on.

So now you can pull up to the pump in confidence, knowing that you won’t have to do the ‘stretch around the car’ dance for your fellow road-trippers.

​Keep kids entertained the old-fashioned way

Our last three tips are the kid-friendly kind. In the Screen Age, it’s easy and understandable to make games and videos your first choice in child entertainment. But if the batteries run out, the old standbys still work a charm.


Fun for all the family, good for the soul, and burn through some good long driving stretches. Learn songs with repeating multiple verses, tune into local radio stations, or take turns choosing the stereo soundtrack.

Hard copy maps

Lots of parents and grandparents have old map books knocking around. Kids can use them to help navigate, learn more about where they are, and choose potential stopping places on the map. Lunch stops or comfort breaks sometimes provide the most memorable holiday stories!

The bag of treats trick

Celebrity psychologist Nigel Latta has a brilliant way of keeping kids’ scrappy antics to a minimum. Mum and/or Dad, sitting in the front, buys a bag of lollies or other treats for departure – preferably the children’s favourites. These are kept in the space between the front seats. The kids get to share the treats equally when they arrive at their destination, but if there’s any shenanigans, Mum and/or Dad get to eat some! This has proven to be effective as kids will shush each other up quick smart when treats are on the line.

What are your favourite road trip hacks? Let us know in the comments and share with your Go Car Finance family!