Make Your Go Do Good Nominations!

Nominations Are Now Open!

The ‘Go Do Good’ programme by Go Car Finance is now live and running! We're giving away a vehicle for a 6 month period to one lucky person or organisation.

Do you know someone who has been doing good in our community? Or how about somoene who could really use a helping hand?

Either way, tell us their story and how a vehicle would help - click here to nominate!

(or copy and paste this link if it's not working:

You can nominate yourself, a friend or even a charity or organisation!

Alongside the vehicle itself, we will also be providing:

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance covered by ‘Go Cover Insurance’
  • WOF, Rego, maintenance costs on us!
  • Petrol vouchers to give you a head start on your journey

On the plus side, if you are already a client of ours and your nomination wins, we will waive your payments for a whole month!

Entries are already open and will close on the 10th October. Get your nominations in!

*The nominee must hold a valid Driver’s License and be at least 18 years of age.

Click here for more information