Go Do Good Round Two Winners!

Last year, we launched the first round of Go Do Good, an initiative set up to give back to the stars in our community. The winner received a vehicle for a six-month period to help them get out and do more of the good that they were nominated for. This year, we’ve done it again!

With round two now closed, we’d like to thank once again all those who nominated an individual, group or charity. Initially, we contacted the nominees, before inviting top candidates to do an online video chat with us (with the help of Big Buddy!). After meeting the Bright Foundation, it was a no-brainer to give them the opportunity to have our Go Do Good van.

The Winners

The Bright Foundation is a small team whose goal is to help kids shine. Working with primary schools all over Auckland, the Bright foundation helps children and their families in need by sponsoring student uniforms, school lunches, and providing emergency grants to families. Over lockdown, emergency food parcels were their focus for families across Auckland. So far, they’ve had a positive impact on the lives of over 5,000 children and families. The Bright Foundation will use the van to help distribute even more parcels to children and their families.

“The Bright Foundation is a fully registered charity that was started in May 2018 by two couples. The aim of our organisation is simple - Helping Kids Shine.

We are a small, local, and growing charity currently working with about 20 schools in the Auckland region. Our work is specific and targets a genuine need. We then meet this need in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Some of the needs we have met include school stationery, uniforms, school lunches, camp fees, educational trips, and emergency food parcels.

We have also provided things like bedding, clothing and shoes to organisations in the health sector, families in serious financial strife, and families with a member suffering from major health problems.

An important point of difference that we pride ourselves on is that 100 percent of funds we raise go to charity.

Upon the onset of the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, we found a huge need for emergency food parcels. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, we have distributed over a thousand emergency food parcels to families across Auckland.”


The Bright Foundation picked up our Go Do Good van last October – contact free of course! They have been driving it around for the past three months and have already used the van to deliver multiple food parcels to West and South Auckland communities.

Their Gift of Giving Christmas drive in December was a 2021 key highlight for the Bright Foundation, delivering over 400 Christmas Gifts to 551 children and their families!

After providing the Bright Foundation with the van, we wanted to help out in other ways. Go Car came together to collect over 100 gifts and goodie bags to add to the Christmas Drive, including board games, stationery, Lego, headphones and plenty of chocolate goodies!

Here are some responses from the families:

“A massive thank you for the food parcels and presents. They are truly appreciated”
“Thank you so much for our kids presents and food parcels. Really appreciate the love and support towards our family and putting smile on their faces”
“Thank you for the food parcels which I received today. This means a lot to me and my family. Bless your team for the support and for looking after the people in need”
“It was so lovely to drop the parcels. One mum broke down in tears and was so appreciative”
A school principal
“The families who received the parcels were so overwhelmed, thankful and blessed. The look on their faces were priceless… thanks so much”
Nurse Lina

For us, Go Do Good is all about recognising and appreciating our behind-the-scenes superheroes in the community that make amazing things happen. A simple thing like a van can make a huge difference. The Bright Foundation are planning their year for 2022 and are working towards helping even more primary school children and families with what they need. Thank you, Bright Foundation, for always being the helping hand for many children and families across Auckland when needed the most. Stay tuned for more!