6 Things You Need To Know Before Financing Your Next Car

1. Consider the type of car you want and need.

Before going to any dealership it’s important to have a clear idea of the type of car you want, as well as any extra bells and whistles you’d like to have. It might be nice to go for a new flashy car but is it versatile enough to pick up the kids after sports practice? And do you need a huge vehicle if you’re only commuting in the city? When thinking of your next car, ask yourself:

  • How long are you planning on owning this car?
  • What will your car be used for?
  • Have you accounted for running costs, insurance and maintenance?

Considering the trade-offs is a great place to start narrowing down your options for your next car.

2. New cars versus used cars.

There are pros and cons of buying a used car vs. a brand-new car, and it all comes down to the level of comfort, assurance and risk you are willing to take. Generally, buying a new vehicle is great, except when it comes to the price. You need to consider the following when deciding which option to go for:

  • New Cars:
    • More expensive.
    • They come with manufacturer and dealer warranties for your peace of mind.
    • New cars generally have the latest (or more updated) features.
    • Have lower maintenance costs.
  • Used Cars:
    • Cheaper.
    • Can also be cheaper to insure but could have more maintenance costs involved.
    • Easier to save up for a used car than a new one.
    • May need to do extended research especially if purchasing privately to avoid any hidden costs.
    • Check the Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR) to make sure the car doesn’t have any money owing on it (we can help with this).
    • Make sure the seller is the real owner on the NZTA Website (we’ll help with this too).
    • Check the New Zealand Police Website to make sure the car hasn’t been registered as a stolen car.

At Go Car, we provide finance for both, new and used vehicles. Ultimately you decide what the best option for you is. If you’re just starting out or don’t know much about cars, it would be useful to have a mechanic look at the car for you, especially if it is used.

3. Set a realistic budget.

Before you step foot into any dealership or go for any test drives, it’s always a good idea to look at how much you can afford to pay for your car. If you don’t have a budget, you can use our car finance calculator to figure out how much money a month can you afford for your new vehicle. You’ll also need to take operating expenses into consideration e.g. petrol, WOF, registration, tyres, car insurance etc. Free financial mentors are available at MoneyTalks to help you plan your budget.

4. Do your research on the car market and dealerships.

Doing your own research saves you from being swayed by a salesman and can help when negotiating a price with your dealer or private seller. There are countless comparison websites out there that can help you browse, research and compare cars including:

When buying used cars, you should always look into the car’s history, see repair records or even ask for a mechanic’s advice to help you through the process. If you have had poor credit history in the past, we can help you find specific bad credit car dealers to help you source a vehicle.

5. Get your car finance sorted.

Getting a pre-approval prior to shopping for cars means you can browse freely without the tension of worrying about finance. It puts you in a better position when you negotiate with a dealership, and most of the time, will mean you’re getting the best interest rate - a low interest rate car loan means your payments will be less, and can help you pay off your loan quicker. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know before choosing a loan.

You can apply for car finance online to compare interest rates and deals for your next car. We can provide competitive, quick and easy car finance options, to get you a fast but tailored approval to suit your needs.

6. Don’t forget to get car insurance.

Always make sure to insure your car before you drive away with it. Not doing so could put you at risk of losing it as soon as you hit the road. You might also want to consider a security alarm or immobiliser to provide an extra layer of protection from getting it stolen.

Getting car finance with insurance is easy when you get finance approved with Go Car. We provide you with a complete finance package that takes care of car insurance, WOF, registration, servicing and GPS tracking features. You can browse all our packages to find out more.

Go Car Finance Customer Support

Buying a car doesn’t have to be difficult.

Getting a car is a wise decision and with our tips above, it doesn’t have to be stressful either. A little planning and research can go a long way, get you a great car and a bargain in the process. If you want to know your finance options, just use our easy car finance calculator or browse our packages to get started.