We’re not your average car finance company (but we are a car finance company).

For drivers, we offer flexible finance and wraparound support for them, their finances and their car.

For dealers, we work together in innovative ways that reward your results and loyalty.


Hands Off

We will organise finance for your customer, eliminating paperwork and letting you focus on what you do best.

Just give us their name and contact number, and we’ll take it from there.


You drive the quick and easy application process through Go Car’s secure online portal, for accelerated approval on finance (where applicable) and a swift sales transaction.


Our goal is to get Kiwis moving. If a customer can’t get finance to buy from you, we’ll pay you a referral fee if we get them into a car elsewhere.

Go Share

Our unique profit and risk share model that allows you to write more deals and share our profits.

You’ve got customers, and we’ve got finance. Interested in working with us?

Give Louise a call on 021 627 215 or enter your details here.

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